Blind Spots – A Self-Reflection Activity

Blind Spots – A Self-Reflection Activity

We humans tend to evaluate others through the lens of our own best traits. We often value people who have our same strengths and undervalue people who don’t. Are you doing this unwittingly? And if you are, what effect does it have on your team’s morale and performance?

Here’s an exercise to find out:

  1. Complete the questionnaire at (it’s free and you get a personal report with feedback on your current management approach).
  2. Create a list of your employees. Across the top of the page, write a few areas you don’t feel strong in, based on the questionnaire results.
  3. Think about each employee. Who excels in areas where you are weaker?
  4. Answer honestly: do you regularly express appreciation when an employee is good at a skill that isn’t your strength? Or do you discount or minimize the importance of this skill? Have you observed this strength before?
  5. Find a way to utilize each employee’s talent, then acknowledge and appreciate it.

Source: Find Your Blind Spot: A Self-Reflection Activity for Managers – Lead Change

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