Stay Motivated in 2018

Stay Motivated in 2018

8 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated in The New Year

1. Write down your motivations and goals. Get specific about what you want to accomplish, how much time each week you’ll spend at the gym, and all of your motivators for being committed. Be as clear as possible with exactly what your goals are and why you want each of them.

2. Share your intentions with those who can help hold you accountable. Go tell someone, or a lot of people what you want to accomplish. Research shows that the more you tell others about your plans to make a change, the more likely you will do it. Tell people what you want to happen, what you expect out of yourself and ask them to check up on you. If you can, form an online community, create a facebook group, or write a blog so that you have check-ins with others on a regular basis.

3. Commit to a specific program. Try a new plan, sign up for a trial membership, join a team…do whatever you have to in order to get on a plan. This will help you feel like you have a greater purpose, and more accountability. It will help you take the guesswork out of what you’re going to do each day. It may be a training plan, a nutrition template or even a mindset program, but commit to following something.

4. Hire a coach. Seek someone who can help you with a proper assessment, program, modifications and progressions. This person will also challenge you and encourage you to help you stay on track with your specific goals.

5. Vary your training. Try new things, go to new classes and be open to different methods of working out. Get creative and mix it up so that you can continue to be challenged and keep your motivation high.

6. Change your language. You likely don’t “have” to workout, but instead, you get to and are able to. Look at your workouts as a gift, an opportunity to take care of your body and push yourself so that you can be better in all areas of your life. Make sure that your language is helping you instead of holding you back.

7. Improve your attitude. Are you constantly complaining or moping about going to the gym? Do you have lots of excuses and negative self-talk that you feed yourself? Begin by being thankful for each ability you have and the body you’ve been given. Look at the positives and challenge yourself to use strong, positive body language and self-talk.

8. Surround yourself with amazing people. The people in your inner circle and those who you workout with can have a huge influence on you. Make sure that they are encouraging, motivating, fun to be around and committed.

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