“Take Bold Action!” 

“Take Bold Action!” 

Former actress Charlotte Thornton is the author of Talent Isn’t Enough, a book which, by introducing ten key strategies, helps aspiring actors to turn their talent into careers. “There are a lot of books about how to get started in acting,” Thornton comments, “but the trickier part is making a success of it once you’ve trained.”

I recently spoke to Thornton about what inspired her to write Talent Isn’t Enough. Thornton observed the lack of books available which actors could refer to for help in turning their talent into careers. “Partly,” she comments, “I wanted to write a book that filled that gap. But also I wanted to pass on what I’d learnt so that others could succeed or at least succeed a little faster. The status quo is far from fair, and so I have ambitious plans to level the playing field where I can.”

Source: “Take Bold Action!” : A Chat with Charlotte Thornton, Author of “Talent Isn’t Enough”

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