Launching big, audacious ideas

Launching big, audacious ideas

The Audacious Project builds on TED’s track record of surfacing important ideas, and getting them to people who’ll be deeply inspired by them. Each year, we’ll invite social entrepreneurs to share their boldest ideas with us — and we’re looking for ideas that truly take your breath away, that flood you with a sense of possibility. We’ll use our curatorial expertise to vet these ideas, help shape them and surface the ones that have both thrilling potential and a ready-for-action plan on how to accomplish it. We’ll bring these ideas to both donors and to the public, inspiring people across the world to come together to act and turn these audacious dreams into realities.

For the past 12 years, TED has turned big ideas into action through the TED Prize — an endeavor we celebrate this week in a new series of short documentaries made with CNN’s Great Big Story. But to have greater impact, we know we need partners alongside us. So while The Audacious Project is replacing the TED Prize, we see it as a significant ramp-up of the Prize’s mission. It’s a bigger bet on the power of ideas and the entrepreneurs that champion them.

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