Community-Building and Cross-Cultural Exchange

Community-Building and Cross-Cultural Exchange


Caitlin Cassidy discusses ten principles and practices she’s learned as an artist working at the interesction of arts and cross-cultural exchange, and as one of Georgetown Univeristy’s Laboratory for Global Performance & Politics Fellows.

In this polarized time of boundary-drawing, mass migration, and environmental crisis, traditional policy approaches fail us. The artist’s task of bridge building feels more urgent than ever. Over the past year, I have been working alongside nine other international Fellows with the Laboratory for Global Performance & Politics to develop a creative approach for engaging with one another that is grounded in authenticity and awareness of our shared humanity. We strive to model the vision we hold for the world in the community we are building together.

What follows are ten principles and practices that we have found particularly transformative over the last year of growing together. My hope is that these will offer a window into our experience as fellows and provide some insight into how we can, as artists—as people—of diverse background and experience come together for inclusive, meaningful, and productive cross-cultural exchange.

Source: Ten Transformative Ideas for Community-Building and Cross-Cultural Exchange

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