Warmest May for USA breaks mark set during Dust Bowl

Warmest May for USA breaks mark set during Dust Bowl

In addition, not only was it the warmest May on record across the country, but almost 8,600 local heat records were also broken or tied during the month.

“The warmth was coast-to-coast,” said climate scientist Jake Crouch from NOAA’s National Center for Environmental Information. The heat was particularly noteworthy in the central U.S., especially in the upper Midwest and Ohio Valley.

On May 28, the temperature in Minneapolis soared to a record 100 degrees, the city’s earliest 100-degree reading on record, buckling roads, straining air conditioners and triggering air-quality alerts.

The previous warmest May was in 1934 during the height of the Dust Bowl.

For folks in the Midwest, the crazy heat of May followed what had been an unusually cold April. In fact, for two states in the Upper Midwest — Iowa and Wisconsin — it was the coldest April since records began

Source: May was warmest on record for USA, breaking mark set during Dust Bowl

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