Lessons on Decision Making and More

Lessons on Decision Making and More

When reflecting on what he wish he’d known at the outset when founding Pinterest, Ben emphasized the inadequacy of a habit he learned as a product manager. When you’re a CEO, you gotta think people-first:

“I’m a product person so I’m always like, “Oh, you know, we’re going to solve this on the whiteboard.” But if the problem is of any complexity, you’re not going to solve it yourself. Who is going to solve that problem? And then how will you know whether they succeeded?

Starting out, I think I would’ve told myself to focus on the who as much as the what in every decision. I think if you put the right person in the right job at the right time, you’re almost halfway there. I wish that I would’ve learned earlier how fundamental this is.”

Source: Pinterest Founder Ben Silbermann’s Lessons on Decision Making, Values, and Taking Time for Yourself

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